Greetings to our beloved CIM community and friends!

I warmly welcome you all to the improved and updated CIM website, where you will find members of the CIM family, united by the common thread of our perennial spirit of resilience, creativity, and camaraderie.

Now on its 65th year from its humble beginnings in 1957, CIM remains true to its vision of

producing the “physician with a heart”.  We stand proud that through all the challenges and limitations encountered, CIM has remained a top performing medical school in the country, based on performance in the physician’ licensure examination, as conferred by the Professional Regulation Commission. Our graduates are also preferred choices in various training programs and our alumni have been leaders and trendsetters in their respective fields of specialty.

With the changing landscape of medical practice as well as the dynamic shifts brough about by the pandemic, technology, and other external circumstances, CIM continuous to adapt and innovate. We currently have a blended platform, where delivery of instruction is mainly in-campus, enhanced with the use of virtual platforms such as Examsoft for the conduct of evaluation, and InteDashboard for team-based learning (TBL). Small Group Discussion (SGD) remains the main teaching/learning strategy. Our dedicated faculty and non-teaching staff continue to do the legwork on a day -ot-day basis – to teach and (re-)learn, guide, mentor, and spire. We have likewise embarked on the 2022 Strategic Planning that will course the direction for further improvements in the next 3 years, as we ease our way out of the covid-19 crisis, adapting to the evolving public health and safety standards, while never compromising the delivery of quality medical education.

Excellence, integrity, leadership, innovation, and social responsibility – these are our core values! Our graduates serve as living models of what we have taught and continue to inculcate. Our alumni are spread across the country and around the world, keeping this CIM spirit alive and manifest. Visit our new CIM alumni section page, as we celebrate their achievements as well as to reconnect. I would also like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our donors, most especially our most loyal alumni! At the same time, I would like to enjoin you to continue sharing your blessings with us, moving forward.

We also celebrate our current students. Enjoy seeing their various activities and feats, as featured in this website. We remain committed partnering with them to develop and become that CIM brand of 5-star physician – Healer, Executive, Advocate, Researcher, and Teacher.

To potential and interested students, do take a look at what we offer and view the processes of application and admission. Our educational program is deeply rooted with our vision and the mission to produce graduates who are professionally competent, socially concerned and guided by a correct conscience in all their actions.

I am proud and humbled to have taken the top leadership role as Dean since AY 2018-2019. I have worked with admiration for and full support of our administration, faculty, non-teaching staff, students, alumni, and friends. We are a growing family and you are all most welcome, to join us, with the CIM way of life!