Integrated Clinical Science I

1st & 2nd Semesters

1088 Hours

In Integrated Clinical Science I, the students learn at depth the common diseases encountered in the community that they are expected to manage with competence as primary care physicians. There are fifteen instructional units. Each instructional unit is made up of two to four modules. The knowledge base that students are expected to acquire are gained through modules that they work through in small group sessions with the faculty facilitator. The trigger for discussing these modules is the clinical presentation. The modules are designed to simulate the cognitive processes that physicians go through during actual encounter with patients. Certain health social sciences topics are included in the study.

In small groups, the students meet with their faculty facilitators for 3 hours every afternoon from Monday to Friday. Morning activities may include laboratory exercises, independent learning activities, lectures and wrap-up sessions.

Evaluation of students’ academic performance is based on written examinations, laboratory examinations, oral examinations, observed structured clinical examinations and proficiency rating given by the faculty facilitator.

Thirty-two hours per week