Education and Training


C.I.M. offers a four-year medical curriculum leading to an M.D.

Basic Medical Science Course is offered to the first year students with horizontal integration of disciplines are Human Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and Human Nutrition through Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach.

The second year has Integrated Clinical Science I and the third year has Integrated Clinical Science II where the other basic sciences such as Microbiology, Parasitology, Pathology and Pharmacology are integrated with clinical medicine through a vertical approach using PBL. On Integrated Clinical Science I, the students learn in-depth the common diseases encountered in the community that they are expected to manage with competence as primary care physicians. In Integrated Clinical Course, the modules are designed to simulate the cognitive processes that physician go through during the actual encounter with patients.

The fourth year students undergo a 12-month full clinical clerkship rotation    going   through    the   departments   of Medicine,   Surgery,    Preventive   and    Social   Medicine, Pediatrics,     Obstetrics,   Gynecology,     Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology,  Family  Medicine  and  Psychiatry.



The Cebu (Velez) General Hospital.  This is the main training hospital of the Cebu Institute of Medici ne, with a bed capacity for 200 patients and a 30-bassinet nursery. Its clinical and teaching departments include Medicine, Pediatrics, OB-GYN and EENT. The hospital maintains an intensive care unit, a modern laboratory, a radiology and rehabilitation department. At least 8000 patients are served by the hospital each year.

Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (formerly Southern Island Hospital). This is a government hospital with a total capacity of 400 beds and 32-bassinet nursery. The hospital has clinical and teaching departments, namely:

Medicine, Surgery, OB-GYN, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Anesthesia and Family Medicine. Its special facilities include a radiology/ radiotherapy unit, a diagnostic laboratory and an intensive coronary care unit. Some 9000 patients are served by the hospital each year.

Chong Hua Hospital, a non-stock, non-profit organization is known not only as a medical institution but a provider of community service to the Cebuanos and the rest of the Filipino in the nearby regions. With an upgraded system and latest in medical equipment enable Chong Hua Hospital to answer the health care and medical needs of thousands across the region. Its main expansion building can accommodate 660 patients in modern and well equipped suites.  It stands with full support of the Cebu Chinese Community and the Cebuanos as a whole.