Cebu Institute of Medicine one of the pioneer medical school in Cebu was founded in June 1957 initially in collaboration with the Cebu Institute of Technology. Through the years it has evolved to become a non-stock, non-profit medical learning institution in 1966 when it was first named as the Cebu Institute of Medicine. The school ranked as level IV category by the Board of Medical Education in 1987 and was awarded as a Center of Excellence for Medicine in 1996 by CHED. CIM was also made Autonomous by 2001 and has PAASCU level III accreditation and ranked number one among the Top Performing School in the country 2001 – 2018. Researches have been part of the curriculum for all three year levels with the finished paper as requisite for promotion to higher level paving the creation of the Clinical Epidemiology Unit that reviewed the technical soundness of the research proposals of the school.

The Cebu Velez General Hospital (CVGH) is the main training hospital of the Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM). The CIM shares with the hospital its clinical and teaching departments which include the departments of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, OB-GYN and Ophthalmology, and ENT. Similarly, as mandated by the respective accrediting specialty societies, the residents of CVGH have been producing excellent research papers since it started its training programs. Each of the department has its own technical review committee to attend to the technical soundness of the proposals of its member resident or consultant staff.

To assure the ethical soundness of the proposals for implementation, the 2 institutions created a joint memorandum (APPENDIX I) of agreement to establish the Cebu Institute of Medicine Cebu Velez General Hospital Institutional Review Board (CIM CVGH IRB). The CIM CVGH IRB actually started sometime in 1997 with Dr Mario Sanchez as chair. It was during this time that the IRB was reviewing several clinical trials from resident as as well as the consultant staff from wither institution. With the untimely demise of Dr Mario Sanchez the helm of the IRB was taken over by Dr Melfer Montoya serving for three years servicing. Then she was followed by Dr Ma Fidelis E. Quiza. The present IRB was established on 2016 with Dr Manuel Emerson S. Donaldo as chair. It was also during this time that the government was already requiring all the institutions to have IRB and that the IRBs be accredited by PHREB. Hence the initial task of setting up an office composing and training of writing the SOP fell into the hands of the present IRB.