Integrated Clinical Science II

1st & 2nd Semesters

1140 Hours

This course is the second portion of a vertically integrated curriculum, which began in year level II. Students working in small group with faculty facilitator work through Instructional modules that simulate clinical presentations of patients in the primary care setting.  The modules are designed to simulate the cognitive processes that physicians go through during actual encounter with patients. The modules include obstetrical cases, and common gynecological, surgical, pediatrics and medical cases. Certain health social sciences topics are included in the study.

In small groups, the students meet with their faculty facilitators for 2 hours three times a week.  Laboratory sessions, didactic lectures, wrap-up sessions and group reports are part of the course structures.

Evaluation of students’ academic performance is based on written examinations, laboratory examinations, observed structured clinical examinations and proficiency rating given by the faculty facilitator.

Thirty-three hours per week