By: Deborah Meribole

Batch Asterion did not fail to make us proud during the September 2017 Physician Licensure Examinations, as they followed long-held CIM traditions of excellence: garnering a 100% passing rate among its takers and securing a spot among the Top 10 board examinees. Indeed, faithful to their mantra, they aimed high—and soared—all 122 of them, once again upholding the status as one of the best medical schools in the Philippines.

Truly a source of pride and inspiration. So what is the secret to their success in the PLE, in medical school, and beyond? Dr. Mark Andrian Yano, our Top 7 board passer from Dipolog City, Zamboanga Del Norte grants us some insight to his success in this exclusive interview.

Dr. Yano began reviewing for the PLE as early as January 2017, during his offs from postgraduate internship. Following his duties, he followed a regimen of 10-14 hours of study daily for 2 months, with extra focus on these basic subjects: Biochemistry, Anatomy, and Pathology. This of course paid off, as the results showed: it garnered him high scores in these aspects, enabling him to place in the Top 10.

However, Dr. Yano’s discipline and tenacity did not come naturally overnight—he said it was formed by his experiences in med school. He says that CIM’s unique PBL teaching style encourages students to master all the textbooks, and to understand and interpret the information provided in a highly analytical manner. Therefore, the topics in the PLE are those covered extensively in medical school and the review period is based merely on previously acquired knowledge, and this gives us an edge and basis for excellence. Dr Yano recalls: “I usually studied almost every night. I made sure that I understood the topic, and not just to blindly memorize it for the sake of exams.”

On the other hand, leisure and rest is also important! Dr Yano discloses that he plays DOTA 3-4 times a week, and goes out for drinks once a week.

Lastly, he gives us these priceless nuggets of wisdom:

  1. Trust the process.
  2. Always do your best, for what you plant now, you will harvest later.
  3. Medicine is not a race or a competition of who is the smartest in the class. It is a test of grit, patience and dedication.
  4. Becoming a physician with a heart means becoming a doctor who will treat the person as a whole, and not just the disease.
  5. No task is impossible if you put your heart into it with the help of God.

Dr. Yano is currently doing his Internal Medicine residency training in Chong Hua Hospital. He hopes to sub-specialize in infectious diseases and return to his hometown to practice.

Congratulations, Dr. Mark Yano and Batch Asterion!


1 ACEDO, Leo Anne Morabe
2 AGUILAR, Estephanie Cabiling
3 AJOC, Marie Rose Antoniette Sitchon
4 ALATRACA, Gabriel Melangelo Tabada
5 ALCALA, Cheenne Lyn Trugello
6 ALIÑO, John Mark Auza
7 ALOTA, Paul Vincent Gonzales
8 ALVEZ, Trixia Therese Suico
9 ARNAIZ, Kevin Fritz Guilaran
10 ASOQUE, Kevin Colt Makiling
11 BADILLES, Charmaine Blanche Choachuy
12 BAISAC, Isabelle Basubas
13 BANQUIRIGO, Raymond Sabanal
14 BARLISO, Annalou Menina
15 BARNACHEA, Jonathan Jasper Ortiz
16 BERSABAL, Shazna Myles Bulawan
17 BUOT, Immanuel Chris Escobar
18 BUTAD, Mark Dave Isidore Olam
19 CABALONA, Kristine Nicole Congzon
20 CAJITA, Alfred Benjamin Legaspino
21 CALA, Chelo Belle Etulle
22 CANG, Mirjana Libre
23 CARAMBA, Cybelle Ellema
24 CATALUÑA, Rafael King Esteban
25 CERCADO, Geraldine Pepito
26 CHAN, Chessa Charmaine Alfeche
27 CHANG, Janelle Winelyn Yu
28 CHU-SANTOS, Charles Andrew Ravena
29 CODILLA, Tifanny Jane Nillos
30 CONCEPCION, Dexter Sy
31 CONGJUICO, Kara Kirsty Vista
32 COTECSON, Michael Chua
33 DE LOS SANTOS-TAN, Ma. Chrizel Liz Jimenea
34 DEL FIERRO, Mark Joseph Lahora
35 DEMECILLO, Ernesto III Ang
36 DU, Johara Marie Ranis
37 DURAN, Dale Ross Cofino

38 DURANO, Redentor, II Roca
39 DY, Kevin Bryan Manzano
40 ECHAVEZ, Alexandra Mae Ragot
41 ENRIQUEZ, Kevin Paul de Asis
42 ENRIQUEZ, Paola Alexandria Ala
43 ESCARDA, John Louie Esgana
44 ESTRAÑERO, Maria Fatima Balugo
45 FENG, Marianne Therese Sonido
46 FORNOLLES, Mary Jeunesse Jawad
47 GABO, Marvin Hinampas
48 GAMOHAY, Maria Jessa Costillas
49 GARCIA, Germaine Pacaña
50 GENERALAO, Hazel Mae Abao
51 GILLE, Ghislaine Kristal Manginsay
52 GO, Desiree Jane Dema-ala
53 GO, Jennifer Angela Ballesteros
54 GO, Michael John Tiu
55 GUIMBA, Kyzle Syrra Echon
56 GUMAPON, Frances Mae Olivenza
57 GUTAY, Suyen Tee
58 GUZMAN, Mae Argailyn Idjao
59 HERNANDEZ, Jacqueline Alquizalas
60 HILADO, Erica Dizer
61 INTING, Kim Alfred Ebo
62 IYO, Venus Lyra Naranjo
63 KHO, Kathrina Kate Jacot
64 KINTANAR, Cheska Angelique Albaño
65 LAO, Mia Coleen Bazan
66 LAPASARAN LIM, Suzanne Dorothy Corominas
67 LAURO, Kathrina Joy Mahinay
68 LISONDRA, Elvin Louie Estiva
69 LOMA, Kevin Amar
70 LUA, Hans Matthew Yu
71 LUZANO, Jonathan Relacion
72 MAÑAGO, Marika Zaphia Galon
73 MARTINQUILLA, Marla Vera Rubio
74 MEDROSO, Jeremy Saguin
75 MIJARES, Ronald Andrew Columnas
76 MILITANTE, Stacey Kaye Ngo
77 MIRO, John Michael Lim
78 MONDIDO, Sherry Mae Casiño
79 MOSCOSO, Raymond Albaño
80 NAGSUBAN, Elyza Gem Garciano

81 NAMBATAC, Ammie Lou Romero
82 NIPANGUE, John Vincent Tumangan
83 OLEA, Debra Colanag
84 ORTEGA, Chel Maica Andanar
85 PAJARON, Celeste Yap
86 PANDANGAN, Sarfia Arasa
87 PASCO, Daryl Bess Davis
88 PUROG, Irma Theresa Seco
89 RAMOS, Cassius Kay Gapol
90 RENDORA, Labyrinth Espina
91 REYES, Raiza Bianca Clarin
92 ROBIÑO, Joshua Edrian Gomez
93 ROBLE, Kiara Natalie Bautista
94 RODRIGUEZ, Raiza Mae Gordiel
95 ROMERO, Pacheco Jr. Gabisay
96 RUELA, Leslie Faye Sanijon
97 SABANDO, Mark John dela Peña
98 SATURINAS, Lucas Emir Sheikh Remolador
99 SEMBRANO, Denise Lauron
100 SERVAN, Ma. Luhfelvan Librando
101 SIA, Kyle Christopher Salimbagat
102 SY, Florge Francis Arnejo
103 SY, Rachelle Marie Alvarez
104 TABUR, Alejo Terrence Degawan
105 TAN, Cherryl Joyce Cabatingan
106 TARONGOY, Jeannine Erika Mendoza
107 TEJAM, Cyrus Cesar Rodriguez
108 TING, Maris Corinne Velez
109 TOJONG, Deva Christine Torralba
110 TONGCO, Martha Louise Maranga
111 TORING, Concordio John Tampus
112 UCAB, Meryl Angeline Vicerra
113 URTAL, Sundyne Burgos
114 UY, Camille Antonette Setenta
115 VERGARA, Keane Sagalongos
116 VISTA, Giovanni Alano
117 WAHING, Kathleen Stephanie Deloso
118 YANO, Mark Andrian Orilloza
119 YAP, Benice Aileen Jimenez
120 YAP, Julia Carmel Alcantara
121 YAP, Julie Ann Susaya
122 YOUNG, Leon James, III Abalos
123 YU, Hannah Victoria Ting
124 YU, Merrill Van Chua
125 ZANORIA, Carla Joann Tan

126 ZAPATA, Ferdinand Renfred Alcuino