Message From The Dean

Thelma La Rosa – Fernandez M.D., M.PH, FPAP

Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to the Cebu Institute of Medicine.

The Cebu Institute of Medicine has largely benefited  and has become what it is now from the  excellent leadership provided by the previous  administrations.  We have started  another  academic year and as always,  we will focus on continuing the Culture of Excellence and  maintain the momentum  by concentrating on maintaining  the  national recognition we’ve had in our endeavors. We select each new entering class with the intent of ensuring that when we train tomorrow’s doctors, they will be well-prepared to practice their chosen specialties to meet the needs of the people they are going to serve

Our students and faculty are unmatched anywhere in the country and we are very proud that all our graduates continue to excel in the medical  licensure examinations.  For the years 2012 to 2015, the Philippine Board of Medicine recognized CIM as the top performing medical school in the country based in its performance of the medical licensure examinations with its 100% passing rate and topping the examinations.  Such recognition was done during the oath taking of the new doctors for those years.

 CIM has  established a long history of providing excellent doctors to the  national and the  international health care workforce  and positively impact the future of health care.   With the dedicated  input of the administration, our  faculty, staff and students we will continue to  aggressively develop new areas of endeavor in medical education  that will consistently address the changing paradigms in the health status and the delivery of health care in our country. As one of the leading medical school in the country we dedicate ourselves to advancing medical knowledge  to produce physicians with a healing heart.

We are diverse in our outlook and our approaches and the tradition of innovation that has marked the school is as vibrant as ever.  We have started the Team-Based Learning approach this academic year to complement our PBL methodology and the   pedagogical approaches to the Outcomes Based Education have been intensified.

At the same note, the establishment of the Masters in Science in Professional Health Education (MSPHed) Course with the University of the Philippine, National Teachers Training Council (UP-NTTC) was started this academic year.  Twenty–one (21) CIM faculty under the scholarship of CIM is enrolled in the course.   We could say that we are beginning another chapter in the life of CIM that has been, and will continue to be, like no other – continuous improvement and  looking into the future of medical education.

Through the years,  we have been making significant progress specifically in the improvement of our school facilities.  Thanks to our committed alumni here and abroad.  They, the alumni,  will continually  play  in the future direction of our  institution. Together, with the alumni, our faculty and students we are looking forward to an even brighter future for CIM.

Please take some time to explore our website for further information about our institution.  We invite you to take a closer look at the program of medical education here in CIM.   And rest assured that you will always be welcome if you come here for a visit.