Photo taken on the 29th of July, 2018 during the CIM family escapade in Dalaguete, Cebu

I have been the Dean of this institution for ten years and it has been a very memorable decade for me.  I tried to do my best and was amply rewarded with the full support, cooperation and the friendship of all the members of the Cebu Institute of Medicine community, from the students, the members of the administrative staff, the Board of Trustees and most of all the faculty.  I look at  them as my second family as I have spent  54 years of my life in this institution beginning with my first year as a medical student and 49 years as a member of the faculty.

Our  involvement with CIM started  in 1969 when,  as a young  family with our three month old first born,  Dr. Tomas Fernandez and myself  lived with the medical interns as their faculty/residents in the compound of  the just established Cebu Institute of Medicine, Community Medico-Social Services (CIM-CMSS), the community medicine rotation of CIM in Mandaue City. Living with the medical students  was very stimulating, educational, fun and meaningful as a never ending familial bond was also formed with them as they went through their rotation.

I consider myself  very privileged to be a part of this institution,  be a part of its growth and see it prosper to the heights as the top performing medical institution of learning in the  country today.  All these years have taught me the importance of working  with progressive minded, cooperative and dedicated co-workers who without any reservation, gave so much of their time and effort to promote the mission/vision of CIM and  achieve the success of which we are all so proud of. The success of  the PAASCU accreditation was wholeheartedly  planned by all the Committees concerned. The unstinting cooperation and support of the CIM Medical Education Unit was priceless.  It inspired me to look for means to promote the growth   of the faculty through   CIM sponsored masteral classes with the UP- NTTC in Professional Health Education.  All these wonderful colleagues with their  personal and professional support made the demands of my job as Dean, of course, challenging but very rewarding.

I have to admit that my person has been largely shaped by my stay in CIM because of all the opportunities to grow and excel  that I have experienced  both professionally and persontally.  From my first year  here in CIM, my efforts and dedication  were noticed by its revered founder Dr. Jacinto Velez,  the members of the Board of Trustees and the other  key people of this institution, something that I have never ceased to appreciate. I credit my national and international recognition as a professional to my  involvement with CIM.  They have been very happy and fulfilling times that I would fondly treasure till the end of time.

I look back with extreme  gratitude for the love and support that everyone in CIM has given me through the years .  But most of all if not for the loving  support of my husband; Dr. Tom Fernandez, the always willing sounding board and adviser after a hectic day of administrative concerns in the office, my three wonderful boys; Thaddeus with wife Joy; Terence (who is now a CIM faculty for Legal Medicine) and wife Grace;  Tudor and my four adorable grandchildren, I would not have been able to deliver what has been expected of me as the Dean.  They have been the wind beneath my wings.

I will be sitting as a member of the CIM Board of Trustees starting this school year, so let us welcome our new Dean Dr. Martiniano Zanoria.  I believe that that under his administration CIM will continue to achieve greater heights and glory

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