The Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM) has been producing “Physicians with a Heart” for almost sixty successful years. It shifted from the traditional teacher-centered to the student-centered Problem-Based Learning (PBL) since 2001. This teaching methodology has turned the focus from teaching to learning in a 180-degree turn. PBL is an active type of learning geared towards developing self-directed learning in tune with the Cebu Institute of Medicine’s Vision-Mission Goal. CIM’s goal is to produce professionally competent graduates, are socially concerned, and guided by a morally upright conscience in all their actions.

Cebu Institute of Medicine is prepared to deliver its instruction in fully online or blended learning. This delivery is dependent on the progress of the COVID19 Pandemic and the government regulations, until face-to-face classes and onsite assessments are allowed. Health protocols have also been established (see below). In terms of technological improvements, infrastructure has been put in place to double its internet connectivity within its campus to implement flexible learning.


         During the school break, the Cebu Institute of Medicine transformed itself to adapt to the new “normal” in education for medical education in response to the COVID19 Pandemic. Spearheaded by the Medical Education Unit, CIM created a competent Technical Working Group (TWG) composed of the different year level coordinators, selected faculty, the Information Technology Committee. As a result of its efforts and tireless dedication, the MEU and the TWG offer its Problem-Based Learning System delivered as a Flexible Learning Environment, the Cebu Institute of Medicine Problem-based Learning Environment (CIMPLE). CIMPLE is the virtual learning environment where students, faculty, alumni, and non-faculty alike will converge as one community. This learning milieu will continue to exist with or without the pandemic eventually to become more mature and adaptive to its stakeholders’ needs. CIMPLE comprises four interlaced systems integrated to converge into one milieu for the CIM community. CIMPLE includes the following: Google G-Suite for Education as its Educational Technology array, Zoom Pro for its Communication, and an Artificial Intelligence Proctoring System (AIPS) for its assessment platform. CIM is also incorporating a fourth dimension, the Online Team-Based Learning (OTBL) using InteDashboard as its parallel teaching methodology. Click here for full-text of Student Information Bulletin

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