CIM makes indelible marks during APMC Regionals in Dumaguete!

Student representatives, joined by Dr. Neil Wayne Salces, are celebrating their victory after participating in the research, poster, quizbee and CPC events of the 7th APMC-SN Regional Convention. Held in Dumaguete last November 16-17, 2018.

Here are the list of winners and participants:

Basic Research category
   1st place:  ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) Inhibitory Potential of the Air-dried Kalinga/Cebu Cinnamon Bark Ethanolic Extract (Cinnamomum cebuense) Using ACE Inhibition Assay
   2nd place: Anti-Inflammatory Activity of (Basella alba) Malabar Spinach “Alugbati” Leaf Extract in Egg Albumin-Induced Rat Paw Edema
   3rd place: In Vitro Anti-acetylcholinesterase Activity of Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera) Using Modified Ellman’s Colorimetric Method

Translational Research Category
   1st Place: Monthly Variations in Stroke Admissions – A Three Year Hospital Based Study
   3rd Place: Perceptions of 2nd Year and 3rd Year medical students on the Use of Youtube In the Study of Medicine
   Finalist: The Association of Type II Diabetes Mellitus and Gallstone Disease among Outpatients in Cebu Velez General Hospital

Best speaker for basic Research Category: Franc Earlmanuelle Sano
Best speaker translational Research Category: Antonella Faye Go

Best poster for Basic Research Category:Anti-Inflammatory Activity of (Basella alba) Malabar Spinach “Alugbati” Leaf Extract in Egg Albumin-Induced Rat Paw Edema
Best poster for Translational Research Category: Monthly Variations in Stroke Admissions – A three Year Hospital Based Study

Quizbowl: CIM 3rd place
Dezza Montejo, Jude Phillip Cebrecus, Denise Teresa Oppus, Nicole Vanessa See

Clinicopathologic case presentation
Clarisse Veronica Mirhan, Jude Philip Cebrecus, Kirk Louie Amandoron, Paul Vincent Montejo, Justin Riley Lam

Congrats to all! The school is proud of you!


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